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Foundation and Churches


Foundations and churches have always represented an important share of our clients. Our relationships with them have developed over several decades. We therefore have a profound understanding of the particular challenges that your church, or the nature or form of your foundation, may bring. We identify and qualify risks in your interest, in order to avoid or consciously take them. This also includes investment strategies that prioritise the issue of sustainability.

When managing foundation assets, it is particularly important to correctly balance the conflict between real capital retention and long-term fulfilment of the foundation's purpose. We meet this challenge with a disciplined investment approach in which we prioritise allocation of the foundation assets to selected asset classes with attractive earnings and value growth potential, while complying with defined sustainability criteria. At the same time, we continuously review the portfolio structure to ensure firstly, that sufficient earnings are generated to finance the foundation's purpose, and secondly, that adequate growth of the assets is guaranteed to preserve them in real terms.