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Asset Management

Since our inception we have been a family office with asset management competence. Excellent asset management has thus been one of the core services we have offered to our clients for decades. It not only guarantees our proven capital market know-how, but also our expertise in the selection of specialists for the different asset classes. We regularly receive awards attesting to the quality of our asset management.


“In our entrepreneurial tradition, we not only invest in anonymous markets, but in stocks and bonds of excellent companies and issuers.”

Oliver Leipholz, Member of the Executive Board

Phone +49 (89) 45 69 160


Investment process

Whether shares, bonds, alternative investments or commodities, every individual asset class undergoes a monthly structured analysis based on clearly defined factors. The result of this is an investment ratio that determines the attractiveness of the respective investment.

In addition to the stringent investment process, the experience of our team as well as their networking with analysts and international banks serve to guarantee the high quality of our services.


When it comes to shares, we focus on blue chips. We carefully select the companies whose business plans and success convince us, rather than just blindly following market trends.

In this context, our asset managers also put so-called megatrends, such as demographics, globalisation and climate change, under the microscope. This approach allows for the early adjustment of investments to meet changing conditions, while also allowing positive trends to be exploited over a longer period.

Exposure to promising medium-sized companies rounds off the portfolio.


Bonds form the basis of the portfolio; government bonds, mortgage bonds, corporate and inflation-linked bonds offer a broad spectrum of alternative maturities, ratings and features.

Only after careful consideration of risks and returns do we decide which bonds to include in the portfolio. Only issuers with the highest ratings are of interest to us.

Alternative investments

Investment opportunities change and expand in line with the markets. Today investors have access to a large number of structured investments which can be used to improve yield and diversification. These investments should never be an end in themselves; they should be subject to critical preliminary analyses and a sense of proportion.


Commodity investments are becoming ever more attractive to investors. This stems partly from the current massively increased demand for them, but this trend will certainly continue and should not just be considered temporary.

Accordingly, the range has broadened significantly in recent years. Naturally risks must be analysed in detail as well. The decision on the manner of investment must be taken with great care in order to make the most of these clear opportunities.