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Private Equity Investments

Due to the business background of many of the assets we manage, indirect and direct private equity investments lead a major role. In this asset class too, we offer you strategic advice and detailed reporting and controlling services.


‚ÄěCorporate Investments are an important asset class in asset-allocation."



Dr. Heiner Arnoldi, Executive Board

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E-Mail: y.r.@uvlkjtyv-fggveyvzd.uv

Equity investments

Objective of Deutsche Oppenheim is it to manage the total assets together with our customers across generations based on the strategic asset-allocation. When resorting to this consulting approach, we devote the same attention to the illiquid investment class, as we allocate to liquid assets or to real estate.

The complexity that is often associated with equity investments, requires intensive consideration of this asset class. Deutsche Oppenheim bundles expert knowledge under one roof and offers the following services:.

  • Modul I: Strategy consulting
  • Modul II: Equity investments
  • Modul III: Investment reporting and controlling