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Asset Reporting and Asset Controlling

We focus on performance and results in order to create value, pursuing jointly-defined objectives with appropriate quality, discipline and sustainability. We structure the management of your liquid and illiquid assets as clearly and transparently as possible. Complexity will be reduced as far as possible, all the way to archiving your documents. This way we can focus together on what matters most.

Our service spectrum comprises:

  • Asset Reporting
  • Asset Controlling
  • Financial accounting

Asset Reporting

Reporting entails regular and timely reporting on all assets, both for individual portfolios and consolidated for the total assets. In addition to assets under management, other assets (liquid and illiquid) are also included. Regular reporting allows for continual comparison between the agreed asset goals and the results actually achieved.

Our reporting comprises the following specific services:

  • Collection of liquid and illiquid asset data
  • Preparing an asset report broken down by asset class, currency, industry, risk variables, maturity, cash flow planning, etc.
  • Performance reporting including benchmarking
  • Preparing the total assets balance sheet comprising liquid and illiquid assets (private equity, real estate, equity investments, agricultural assets, art, etc.)
  • Representation of asset / currency and financing structures

Asset Controlling

Examples of our key controlling components include a daily assessment of investment limits and close monitoring of restrictions on our mandate. Maintenance of credit ratings and costs of the respective managers are subject to ongoing monitoring. This way we can assess and use the generated results based on clearly defined criteria.

The following services are provided as part of the controlling process:

  • Risk controlling (monitoring investment limits, loss limits, durations, ratings, etc.)
  • Revenue, cost and tax controlling (representation of inventory and revenue data at individual investment level, examination of costs and fees, plausibility check for withholding tax)
  • Scenario analysis and stress tests

Financial accounting

To ensure that control mechanisms are as objective as possible, we establish financial accounting on request, based on generally accepted accounting principles. The data provided by us facilitates the preparation and audit of the year-end accounts for the client’s tax advisors and auditors.

Financial accounting specifically includes the following:

  • Total balance sheet (fixed and current assets at book and market values and private accounts)
  • Representation of the balance sheet and income statement data, e.g. for the representation of ordinary income in line with German GAAP (in particular for foundations and corporate bodies)
  • Supporting tax advisors when preparing tax documents and the year-end accounts
  • Foreign currency accounting (e.g. for the preparation of US tax returns – international cooperation)
  • Integration of transaction data into the client accounting system