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Strategic Asset-Allocation

A capital market investor is like an entrepreneur, investing strategically, while taking opportunities and risks into consideration. Our approach in strategic asset allocation was developed on this basic understanding. We make opportunities and risks relating to liquid and illiquid net assets transparent and quantify them in the form of reliable key net yield and risk figures. On this basis, we work with you to develop an individual strategy for your entire asset portfolio. We are guided by your long-term investment objectives, your risk capacity and your security requirements.


“Strategic Asset-Allocation (SAA) is the first and most important step in our investement process, as the big mistakes are made or avoided right there.”

Jakob von Ganske, Ph.D.,

Head of Investment Consulting and Risk Management
Phone +49 (89) 45 69 16 0
E-Mail: a.x@uvlkjtyv-fggveyvzd.uv

Strategic Asset-Allocation and Fund Manager Selection with "PassivPlus"

A highly significant step of a consistent and transparent investment process is the implementation of the liquid benchmarks and market indices developed in the strategic asset allocation using passive ETFs and/or active target funds. At Deutsche Oppenheim, these are selected based on a technically sophisticated quantitative analysis of available funds. We are always guided by our principle to invest passively unless there are asset classes where active funds evidently generate value added. Thus, cost efficiency and a realistic assessment of potential outperformance in different markets play a crucial role. Our “PassivePlus” concept rests on academically founded basic principles that were proven in practice and serve as constant guidelines along the entire investment process. 

"PassivPlus Concept: Our Guidelines





"“PassivePlus” trusts solely in objectively measurable quantitative and economic criteria. All active funds analysed must have a long track record as well as an economically stringent and academically verifiable investment philosophy. We do not invest in “new ideas” and “current market trends“. Before we start to select active managers, we always answer the question whether given asset classes cannot be more efficiently covered by cost-efficient passive funds. Fully passive portfolios are, hence, also an implementation option we have significant experience with.

The “PassivePlus” top priorities are focused on the fundamental principles of risk management and on highest possible diversification – by asset classes, risk premiums, managers, alpha sources and investment styles. The desired result is a benchmark-oriented and efficient portfolio that offers an academically stringent and empirically outperforming investment approach to both institutional and private investors.