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" Trust and responsibility, exclusiveness and empathy, discretion and discipline are at the basis of our efforts. We want to achieve results and create something sustainable.

Stefan Freytag

Stefan Freytag

Managing a complex fortune is just as challenging as managing a company and requires a similarly professional approach. We are trying to emulate corporate structures when providing advice to a family and managing their wealth. Good performance, satisfactory risk management and reliability are important values to us. Your life and your fortune are unique, and so are our services. We have created a modular services structure, which we can easily adapt to your requirements. Our clients include high net worth individuals, families of entrepreneurs, churches, foundations and institutional investors. Thanks to the broad range and modular structure of our services we have also become a popular service provider for other family offices. The “family fortune as an enterprise” concept is based on four pillars: wealth management strategy, steering, reporting and controlling. 

Our services: an overview

Our clients can either select individual services or a complete package.

Please click here to learn more about wealth management strategy / steering.

Family Office And Wealth Manager

1) FOS= Family Office Strategy

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