FOS Strategie-Fonds Nr. 1

FOS Strategie-Fonds Nr. 1

The dynamic investment concept of FOS Strategie-Fonds Nr. 1 aims to benefit from market movements and protect investors against sell-offs. The concept is directed at long-term investors.

The investment concept

Capital market volatility has increased over the last few years. Major price movements take place more often, tend to be larger and have more significant implications. Moreover, sell-offs have become more marked and triggered a rapid increase in volatility. The goal is to use or mitigate short-term market movements while pursuing a long-term investment strategy.
For this purpose, Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office AG relies on dynamic diversification (not just across asset classes, but also and in particular across innovative investment styles) which is regularly monitored and, if necessary, adjusted over time.

For more information on FOS Strategie-Fonds Nr. 1 see:

FOS Strategie-Fonds Nr. 1/DWS

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