Selection Of Third-Party Providers

Are you not satisfied with your current wealth managers because the performance is below your targets, your guidelines are not adequately implemented or the portfolio structure is not made transparent to you?

Are you planning to appoint a wealth manager for the first time, would you like to have a better idea of which managers might be suitable, would you like support in formulating appropriated investment guidelines or are you worrying about the suitable contract and cost structure?

Are you finding it difficult to assess the performance of your current wealth manager or the risk at which the results are generated, or are you unsure whether the current portfolio structure is indeed suitable for reaching your goals?

Our services for you are:

  • Our independent selection of suitable wealth managers.
  • We have a comprehensive overview of the wealth management market.
  • You can benefit from long-term, established business relationships with reliable contacts and a cost-efficient contract structure.
  • The selection process will be geared to your targets, and our expertise will render it more efficient and comfortable for you.
  • You decide to what extent and at what point you get involved.
  • Our consulting solutions start with defining adequate investment guidelines (on the basis of your investment targets) and end with examining the management contracts.

Our steady monitoring of wealth managers:

  • Clear investment guidelines and concrete benchmarks serve as basis for a transparent analysis. If guidelines or benchmarks are not available yet, we will prepare them together.
  • Permanent monitoring of the investment guidelines will soon reveal any instances of non-compliance and allow quick corrective action.
  • Any deviations from the benchmarks will be subject to a quantitative and qualitative analysis and show potential weaknesses and strengths of the manager.
  • We will provide suitable analyses and arguments to support you in any discussions with the manager.

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