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" We create solid real estate deals for our wealthy clients with the understanding and discretion of a family office.

Jörg Neunzig

Jörg Neunzig

Our comprehensive range of real-estate advisory services covers four modules: strategy advice, real-estate transactions, real-estate management and real-estate reporting and controlling.

Real estate plays a major role in almost all complex fortunes; in most cases, it serves to diversify the capital and protect it in the long run. We will analyse your real-estate holdings against the background of your complete portfolio and work together with you to develop a real-estate strategy. Afterwards, we will help you to implement the strategy, to choose between direct and indirect investments and to make the necessary management decisions. Good management decisions require systematic controlling and reporting.

We offer you the following real-estate services modules, which you can use individually or jointly:

    • Module I: Strategy advice
    • Module II: Real-estate transactions
    • Module III: Real-estate management
    • Module IV: Real-estate reporting and controlling

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Real estate, as an asset class, is different from others such as equities or bonds. For that reason, you will have to consider other issues when it comes to sustainability, the purpose of the investment or the regular monitoring. We will be happy to offer you comprehensive support in this area. Our modular offer and regular advice will help you to define your real-estate strategy, manage your real-estate portfolio and conduct your real-estate reporting and controlling.

Starting from the current structure of your real-estate portfolio and taking into account your specific investment targets, your return expectations and your risk appetite, we will work together with you to develop a tailor-made investment strategy.

If you already own real estate, we will help you to manage and further develop your portfolio. And we can also provide support if you would like to acquire the first property for your portfolio. Once a potential investment opportunity has been identified, we will support you during the transaction and the management of the properties during their lifecycles.

In order to render your real-estate management as efficient as possible, we will help you to draw up a reliable real-estate reporting structure, which consolidates the property managers’ and tax advisers’ accounts and calculates the overall returns in line with the standards of the Society of Property Researchers, Germany.

Disclaimer Sustainability, May 2021

There is currently a lack of uniform criteria and a common market standard for the assessment and classification of financial services and financial products as sustainable. This can lead to different providers assessing the sustainability of financial services and financial products differently. In addition, there are various new regulations on ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance) and Sustainable Finance, which need to be substantiated, and further draft regulations are currently being developed, which may lead to financial services and financial products currently designated as sustainable not meeting future legal requirements for qualification as sustainable.

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