Platform Selection

There are obviously issues you will want to avoid, such as unexpected taxation, return losses, legal enforcement into your private assets or unlimited personal liability. From our vantage point, selecting the best “platform” for your investments is an important aspect of your wealth structuring. If you do not structure your wealth, every single asset will be held directly by you. This solution is not always optimal.

The “platform” can take the form of a partnership under German civil law, an asset management or commercial partnership or a corporation – or, of course, a non-profit foundation, a family foundation or an investment fund.
The optimal structure for your purposes will depend on the asset class to be managed and on your goals.
The following factors may play a role during the platform selection process: Keeping the family fortune intact, ensuring overarching wealth management, liquidity steering / return management, organisation of the succession and / or introducing potential heirs to the management of the family fortune.

The preparation of a strategy for your overall fortune may bring some conflicts to light, not least about the decision about the optimal platform. We will inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of the individual options. Together, we will find the best platform for you.

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