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Elite Report

Steady, reliable advice is one of our strengths. This implies that you need to be able to trust in the quality of our advice over time. Independent auditors have repeatedly recognised our performance. Time and again, we have won awards for our advisory efforts and for our competence.

For the thirteenth year in a row, Elite Report rated Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office AG with a “summa cum laude” top score.


Fuchsbriefe awarded an “excellent” rating to Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office AG in the category “Investment Proposals for Foundations”.

The ratings are based on assessments in five categories, which are weighted depending on the individual company to be rated.

The performance in each of the individual categories is rated “excellent”, “good”, “satisfactory”, “reasonable” or “less good”.

37 companies were assessed.

CFI, a London-based international financial magazine, gives out regular, annual awards to persons and organisations which reliably create value-added for their clients by providing excellent advice and pursuing best practice investment approaches.

The magazine’s readers are asked to vote in the award programmes during the year. A jury then decides on the winners in the individual categories based on their contributions.

This year, the jury named Deutsche Oppenheim the “best strategic asset allocation (SAA) team in Germany 2020” for its PassivPlus product.

The SAA plays a major role for the investment process, which is why it is the first and most important step under the PassivPlus concept.

The detailed investment concept is developed in the second step. It uses passive ETFs as a basis and invests in actively managed funds whenever doing so makes sense.

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